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Anubis & Bastet was born from the concept of companionship.
The name originating from the Ancient Egyptian words for both the dog and cat.
The reasoning behind the name choice stems from the fact that this ancient civilisation is where Cats and Dogs were first treated as pets, companions to Pharos and even included within the deity and revered. 
We believe a sign of a high cultured civilisation is when animals and their individual personalities are recognised and respected. 
We craft luxury leather pieces and accessories for dogs, cats and their companions, giving equal consideration to design and workmanship as we do for humans.
Hand crafted by artisans within our east London community from beginning to end, we use the highest quality veg tan leathers and traditional saddle making techniques, to create highly aesthetic accessories of comfort and function for a contemporary life style.
In our commitment to the equal and just treatment of animals we will donate 3% of each purchase to our local animal charities.